Digital Tranformation featured in Irish Medical Times

The HSE Digital Transformation recently featured in an article for the Irish Medial Times, highlighing the work of the team and its plans.

"Ahead of the next Digital Academy Forum early next month, HSE Director of Digital Transformation, Prof Martin Curley, provides Valerie Ryan several examples of how innovative digital transformation in the health sector is helping bridge the gap between innovation and patients

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Digital technology can be employed to increase capacity without further physical investment, believes Health Service Executive (HSE) Director of Digital Transformation, Prof Martin Curley.

Prof Curley heads up a new digital transformation academy for the HSE, which is developing four main pillars of operation: a digital academy, open innovation, a digital innovation portfolio and digital academy forums.

Their work is based on the latest concept of bridging the gap between innovation and, in this case, patients, Government, industry and academia to work together to achieve more as a coordinated group.

Ideally, the group would like to see four areas improve. “We’d like to see cost of care go down, quality of care go up, quality of life go up and also where possible, the clinician experience,” Prof Curley said."

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