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Our HSE Digital Academy have partnered with Check Point to bring you 7 exciting ICT courses that are free to all HSE and Hospital staff.

These courses provide a great introductory knowledge in cyber security and networking as well as other courses to advance your knowledge on these fields.

To access the HSE & Cisco Learning modules, click on the links below to register/sign in:

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Introduction To Networking

Introduction To Networking

JumpStart - Cloud Security

Check Point CloudGuard, a comprehensive cloud security portfolio, is designed to prevent the latest fifth generation (Gen V), multi-vector cyberattacks targeting enterprise cloud services.


Test your expertise


Check Point Escape Room - Mission Clinical

The Wexell Hospital is in need of some pen testing, and you're just the group of ex-criminal cyber hackers to probe its weaknesses, but watch out, not everyone is worthy of your trust. Discover the weaknesses in the IoT devices that make it vulnerable before the real bad guys can use it to hold the whole hospital to ransom.

Check Point Escape Room - HOME-19

In this Escape Room, you will experience the threats and security risks of working remotely, while you are connected to your home network. Use Check Point Harmony to help prevent End Point and Office attacks.

SecureAcademy - Cyber Security Essentials

SecureAcademy - Digital Forensics Essentials

Network Defense Essentials is a first-of-its-kind MOOC certification that provides foundational knowledge and skills in network security with add-on labs for handson experience. The course includes 12 modules and optional upgrades to lab ranges covering fundamental network security concepts, including IoT, cryptography, and PKI.

SecureAcademy - Ethical Hacking Essentials

EHE is an entry-level security course covering important fundamental concepts of information security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing. It equips you with knowledge on information security threats which impacts the security posture of IT systems and general security controls. You will gain essential insight into various information security attack vectors, including password cracking, malware, social engineering, sniffing, web app attacks, SQL injection and learn the basic methodologies in auditing information systems against these threats.

SecureAcademy - Netwok Defense Essentials

The course gives a holistic overview of the key components of Information Security such as Identification, Authentication and Authorization, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Mobile and IoT Devices, and Data Security. The interactive labs component of this course ensures that learners receive the hands-on, practical experience required for a future in cybersecurity.