COVID-19 Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Conditions

The HSE have committed to fund the Severe Respiratory Conditions Remote Monitoring programme, initially on a pilot basis, at a level which will enable remote spirometry and pulse oximetry for a number of patients. The HSE Digital Transformation Team have rolled out the Covid-19 patient monitoring app across 20 Hospitals Nationally with the Patient M Power team. This saved thousands of hospital bed days amidst the peak of the crisis. We are now rolling out the Severe Respiratory Conditions Monitoring Programme.


What is the Severe Respiratory Conditions Remote Monitoring programme?

Many centres will already be familiar with the patientMpower platform from the HSE funded remote monitoring programme for COVID-19. This programme will deploy similar technology, including both remote spirometry and pulse oximetry, to enable continuity of care for patients with CF, interstitial lung diseases, severe COPD and severe asthma during the pandemic. It will enable ongoing and frequent patient monitoring to aid the earlier identification of exacerbations - reducing the burden of unplanned hospitalisation over the winter months.


How can I implement this programme at my centre?

This funding program is available to respiratory teams in all acute hospitals on a "first come-first served basis." You can apply for the programme by emailing patientMpower directly at or calling 01 903 8558.


When can I implement this programme at my practice?

This programme is ready for implementation now and the patientMpower team is available for support through each stage of the process.
patientMpower have significant experience in providing remote monitoring programmes for patients with respiratory conditions. To discuss how to design and deliver new care pathways to ensure continuity of care for your respiratory patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact: patientMpower by emailing or calling 01 903 8558.