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In response to COVID-19 and new ways of working, the HSE OoCIO and HSE Digital Transformation have provided a suite of tools to allow staff to communicate remotely and to allow clinical teams to perform remote consultations via video to patients. Two such video tools include BlueEye Clinic and Attend Anywhere. To learn more about the Virtual Health Programme and it's remote working tools, visit the HSE Virtual Health website.


RedZinc BlueEye

"RedZinc BlueEye Clinic"

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The HSE uses RedZinc BlueEye as one of its preferred solutions to allow clinical teams to connect with patients via this simple to use videoconferencing platform. Here we explain how to access and use BlueEye for clinics.


CLICK HERE to access the BlueEye login page.


What is BlueEye

BlueEye Clinic is a virtual outpatient clinic for healthcare professionals to schedule and manage appointments with patients. The platform also provides a secure video transmission facility for the healthcare professional at a ‘hot desk’ to access the video camera of a patient’s smartphone or laptop to engage in a virtual consultation with the patient.


Key Features

Ease of use
BlueEye is extremely easy to use for the patients as well as healthcare professionals. The patients simply need to click on a link to get connected over a video call. They are not required to create an account or download an app or software. 
Whereas the healthcare professionals can schedule & manage appointments, organise two-party & multiparty video calls with the help of easy and user-friendly functions in the virtual clinic software.

The platform is secure as it requires minimal information for account and video call set up as well as the calls are not recorded anywhere. The video chat rooms are completely private for the healthcare professionals and the patients.

How to apply for a BlueEye Clinic account?
BlueEye Direct Clinic is a HSE recommended video conferencing consultation solution as part of HSE telehealth readiness and complies with HSE IT policy and standards. For provisioning on the BlueEye Clinic video, please email BlueEye Telehealth lead, Andrew Lynch, Programme Manager at


Requirements of you (the healthcare professional)
•    A BlueEye Clinic account
•    A laptop which has been cleared by the IT department to use this service (e.g. no corporate firewall block)
•    Either Windows 7/ 10 or iOS Operating System
•    Up to date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browser
•    Working web camera, microphone and speakers or a headset (usually built into laptops)
•    Good, reliable internet connection

Requirements on the patient end
•    A laptop/ smartphone with web camera, microphone and speakers or a headset
•    Up to date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browser
•    Good, reliable internet connection

Are there Training sessions available?
Step by step guidance on how to use BlueEye Clinic has been covered in How to use BlueEye Clinic - Healthcare Professional Guide along with the screenshots. 
For further assistance, or if you would like to request a demo or training, please email us at



•    Tutorial 1 -  How to Use BlueEye Clinic


•    Tutorial 2 - Managing Appointments using BlueEye Clinic


•    Tutorial 3 - How to Test Equipment for a BlueEye Clinic Video Call (patients)


Support Documentation for BlueEye Clinic video consultation for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals Documentation
•    BlueEye Clinic - Healthcare Professional Information Leaflet (PDF)
•    How to Use BlueEye Clinic - Healthcare Professional Guide (PDF)
•    Troubleshooting Guide for Using BlueEye Clinic (PDF)

Patient Documentation
•    Information for patients who have a BlueEye appointment (PDF)
•    How to use BlueEye: Patient Guide (PDF)
•    Troubleshooting Guide for Patients (PDF)

Below are some troubleshooting tips:

(Click on image above for PDF printable version)

Additional Documentation

Clinical Operational Guide for Remote Consulting using Video Systems HSE  March 2020  V9.pdf

Video Consultations - BlueEye Direct User Guide - 03 20 v.2.pdf

(Click on image for printable PDF version)

External Documentation

Mental Health online (Australia) - A Practical Guide to Video Mental Health Consultation

Data Protection

For information regarding Data Protection in Ireland during the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here.

Additional Information

The HSE have issued recommendations on a full suite of additional Telehealth solutions for staff. You can access this information here. HSE Digital Transformation are currently engaging our OoCIO Virtual Health colleagues to include details of RedZinc BlueEye on the above link.